Look Like A whole Bakery,Not A Snack

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Heyyyy y’all!!! As always let’s get straight into this post….

Winter time is almost over ( I will miss the sweatpants and hoodie season) but anyways better than that….Spring is around the corner and then comes SUMMER ( yes, girl I know) This is the time for trips with your girls, family vacations, oh and let’s not forget BAECATIONS<3

Whatever the case is you want to look like a whole snack this summer. Now, the last post before I went on my break, I told you all that I weighted 159, I am now 148. ( Will post weigh in this week). My ultimate goal is to be 130, so I have 18 more pounds to drop. ( slowly but surely)

If you are looking to get snatched this summer I have compiled some tips for you to help you get right or close to it before the summer. ( Be ready to show some skin, not too much now, * be classy, not thottish*)

  1.WATER IS YOUR FRIEND– I use to be the worst person at drinking water. I would always reach for juice or my favorite coffee ( yes, I still love my coffee). I use to hold on to water weight so much and would get frustrated when it would be close to ” that time” because of course, you hold on to water weight also during that time frame. But the trick to beating water weight??? drink more water. As crazy and weird as it seems, it’s true. Water flushes out all those bad toxins from your body and then makes you pee, getting rid of the water your body doesn’t need.  So therefore, you’re getting rid of the water weight. In turn, it keeps you hydrated so your skin is glowing. ( two for one deal right??)

2.Buy a summer outfit Now this tip is my FAVORITE because * I love going shopping when my boyfriend isn’t home* I will go shopping. Leave the clothes that I bought in my car if he’s already back by the time I come back for shopping and then sneak my clothes inside when he’s asleep. He eventually finds out  when he sees me wear something he’s never seen before. ” Oh, this old thing, It was somewhere in my closet*.  Ladies, you know.

But buy an outfit that you would want to wear this summer that you can’t fit into and hang it somewhere in your house so you can always look at it. For me, mine would be on my closet door.

3. If your workout is not consistent, at least eat healthy This one is really important. So my cousin has been wanting to work out for the longest. We work out together but then after awhile, she will quit and then go back to eating bad like Mcdonalds, etc.  I want you to know, it’s okay to quit and then try again, but in that time of you stopping your workout, try to eat healthy. Because if you’re not working out and you’re eating unhealthy also, you’re only packing on more weight. So…If you’re not going to workout until you’re ready again, eat healthy.

4. Get Mental- Make sure your mind is right and on track for this journey. You need to have tunnel vision. But, before you can go through the tunnel of vision, you must have a plan. We all should know if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.  When you have a plan for something, you’re more likely to stick with it. Examples of planning for this journey would be meal prepping, working out, etc. whatever it is that is going to get you closer to your goal…Plan, plan, plan.

5. Get Familiar- If you are one of those people who struggle and are ashamed for not knowing how to use certain machines in the gym or don’t know how to do certain workouts, this one is for you…..*YOUTUBE* If you are unsure how to use certain equipment in the gym I would recommend YouTube. Social media is everything today. If you can think about it, nine times out of ten, it’s on YouTube. Don’t ever feel ashamed of not knowing.

6. Invest In You- Do you ever sit and look at your bank statements and see where you spent most of your money? If you go out to eat all the time but complain that a gym membership is expensive maybe you need to reevaluate life. If you eat out three of four times in a week for a whole month, by the time you could’ve gotten a membership. Always learn to invest in your health, which is something important and worth lasting than something temporary like fast food, which is not doing anything for you but pulling you further away from your goal. Invest in a membership, workout clothes, gym equipment, etc. whatever is going to make you feel good in the long haul versus temporary.  Love yourself enough

7. Let’s Go Back To #3- Once you are in the habit of eating healthy if you have taken a break from your workout,then the eating healthy part will not be a problem. Now you need to focus on actually staying consistent with your workout which brings it back down to #4. Start to plan your workouts around your lifestyle. So if you work in the daytime like most people, come in and rest for awhile after work, and then hit the gym. If you work at night, get up really early to get your workout in so you still have time to go back to sleep for work. Always plan around your life.

I hope I helped someone out with these tips.I’m currently about to go workout to drop these last 18lbs before the summer! Let’s get fit together! Use my discount code below to get 15% off your purchase to look cute while getting that body snatched for the summer with supplements. ( Work for them gains).


As always, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and support. I love you all so much. ❤ STAY SELFISH



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