Let’s get real and Personal ( read until the end)

Heyyyy y’all!! As always…Let’s get into this post…

Now…The spring and summer is approaching.( Yes, we all know what that means) the shorts, dresses, tank tops, and bikinis come out. But whether you are in shape or not, now is the best time to get or continue your workout. Why?? because if you are fit, you want to maintain or continue to those fitness goals and if you are not fit, you want to get there so you can just maintain in the winter. ( working out in the winter is a struggle, trust, it’s so hard for me to get out of my warm bed).

So it’s always important to live a balanced lifestyle both mentally and physically for your sanity and health. So if you are new to working out, here are some tips you should know before you get started.

  1. Late??? What is that???–¬† It is so important in life to make time for yourself, Never think or believe that it’s to late for you to get fit or in shape. Wake up every single day with a way to be better than yesterday. You can do it! You got this. We’re all in the same race, just at different paces. As long as you’re taking little steps to get to that goal, who cares.
  2. Take those baby steps..No leaping– There are some people who have this mindset of “today I’m going to start cutting out everything bad”. This method is only temporary and will cause you to go on a DIET ( i hate that word). As it should be a LIFESTYLE. Diets are only temporary and all the weight you lost, you will gain back. So don’t cut out all your bad stuff all at once. Slowly wing yourself off of it and then find healthy¬† alternatives to the foods you like.
  3. Patience is a virtue I’ve talked about this before in my previous posts. I use to weigh myself every week for validation on my weight loss. Sometimes even though the number on the scale was not moving, I could see changes within myself in the mirror. This is why I now weigh myself monthly. It gives me room to focus on my fitness and healthy habits of life rather than a number on the scale. ( take progress photos instead of weighing yourself every single day). The scale will discourage you. * trick your mind*.
  4. anything new is hard New habits or tasks take time to master. When i first started working out, I could only last 2 minutes on the treadmill when inclining, now, I can go all day. But inclining was new to me and it took time for me to get use to. So working out period or forming a healthy lifestyle will take time, so don’t beat yourself up about it. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Find something you love physically Now there is more than one way to get fit. If you are doing something that you don’t like, you’re not going to stick with it. If you can dance or just enjoy, dance more. Dancing is a form of working out. Do whatever will get you to that goal.

As always, I want to thank you all for your continuous love and support. It means so much from the bottom of my heart. Today, I have reached 100 followers on my blog and I’m super happy and excited. I will be doing a giveaway next week which I will talk more about in tomorrow’s post so stay tuned for that. I love you all so much. .STAY SELFISH<3

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