You’re Too Much ( Be Secure)

Beyonce_Knowles_with_necklaces  sooooo as always let’s get into this…….

Do you rely on other people’s validation of you? if you do, STOP NOW, only then will low self esteem not be an issue. Most of us wait for society to tell us we’re “good enough”. No, you’re good enough wayyyy before they told you. Have that planted in your head. So how do you pick up high self esteem? Well let’s find out.

       1. Have a healthy lifestyle– When you put good stuff into your body, you will get good results both physically and mentally. When you eat things such as McDonald’s and all these other bad foods, you are more likely to feel sluggish and you’re not going to be at your best, thus causing you to feel insecure.

2. Identity the issue – Sometimes to progress in life we need to have self evaluation. This is what I want you to do: Go somewhere alone to just clear your mind. I want you to really think about what is causing you to feel insecure or inadequate. You have to get to the root of the problem in order to grow the branches.

3.  Humble is NOT ENOUGH– You can be humble and confident ( not cocky). Never dim your light to make someone else light shine. You have to assert yourself sometimes. Don’t be a pushover. That was hard for me to do for a long time. I would surround myself with people who were nothing like me. They did not have goals and weren’t really doing anything with their life. If one of those friends asked me what were my plans for the day, I wouldn’t say study( even though I am) because I did not want to come off better than them. But soon I learned to be proud of who I am and I cut those people off that were nothing like me. So surround yourself with people that are like you or that have the mindset that you desire to have. ( the rich don’t hang out with the broke for a reason).

4. Change Your Mindset– Some people when they finally feel like they’ve had enough of a situation they try to change things externally such as moving or cutting off people. While those are a good step, you need to change your mindset internally first otherwise you will keep running back to the same people who you cut off, etc. This is almost like a rotten apple that you put on top of an apple tree. Soon the whole tree will rot right? So you have to get rid of the rotten apple first ( your negative thoughts) and then focus on growing your tree. Break your negative mindset.

5.Self Image How we view ourselves is important. If you view yourself as a loser, you will soon believe and act like one. ( So a man thinketh, so is he) your thoughts are very important. So go in your closet and give your closet a whole makeover. ( I’m not saying buying the most expensive clothes) but buy clothes within your budget that gives you a sense of confidence. You will eventually start to feel better about yourself. ( I love listening to Beyonce when I’m doing my makeup on days when I’m not feeling my best). It gives me a little bit of a push for the day. 

Never allow someone else opinion about you get the best of you. It an OPINION, NOT  A FACT. So unless what they are saying is true, never let it get to you and if it does, never let it show. You can cry or be mad when you get alone, but never around those that try to bring you down to make themselves feel better. When you walk in the room, own it. Remember a woman demands respect, she never begs for it and we never compete because we’re in a category all on our own.

As always, I love you all and I want to say thank you for your love and support. It truly means alot to me……<3 STAY SELFISH

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