Storytime: All Good Things Come To A Better End ( Part 1)

Sooooo let’s get into it…….

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a storytime so today I decided to switch it up so without further due, let’s go.

So this storytime in particular is about my ex ( fictional name for privacy purposes) We’ll call him James.  So me and James have a long history with each other. ( I’m here to tell y’all that just because you have history with someone  doesn’t mean anything. Not all history is good and can keep you from your blessing). Never be oblivious.  Just a piece of advice.

Back to what I was saying. Me and james started out as friends just talking. I let him know that he was not the only person I was talking to as he let me know the same because we were not official yet. We started texting and talking every single day and I started liking him alot. One day out of the blue I stopped getting texts from him. I called his phone and he did not pick up. I reached out to him on social media and got no reply or anything. ( mind you, I knew of his family and also where he lived at as this is an important piece of information).  So because I stopped hearing from him, I moved on and made it official eventually with my current boyfriend ( my love).

One day I’m sitting in the living room watching football with my boyfriend ( It was Superbowl, I don’t really care for football). I was just there for the food and the commercials ( don’t judge me). Anyways, I’m sitting there watching the game and I get a text from this unknown number that reads ” Hey bae”. So I text back ” who is this”? He then tells me he’s James….( at this point I’m feeling a lot of emotions). I’m shocked because it’s been a year since I’ve heard from him, then I’m feeling guilty because I shouldn’t be entertaining this conversation because I have a boyfriend. I also needed to get closure on why I have not heard from him in over a year.So at this point I’m just wanting to know a lot of things.

” Where have you been”? I texted back. He then tells me he’s been in prison ( as he still was there as he was texting me). I immediately felt a little better knowing he just didn’t up and stopped talking to me, “Why”? I texted back. He then says he violated his probation terms or something along the lines of that. ( which I had no idea about when we were talking that he was on probation). He never came off as the type of person that gets in trouble. He was always so funny and really cared about me.

In the midst of me being into the conversation with James, my boyfriend comes over and sits beside me on the couch. I immediately turned my phone screen off and stopped talking to James. ( This is when I knew I had to cut ties with James). So later on that nigh, I continued the conversation with James and then told him because of a misunderstanding, I had already moved on with someone else and that I could not talk to him past certain hours as that is just disrespectful.  He did not like that but ended up eventually being okay.

It soon got to a point where James did not care about my relationship and would call my phone all hours of the night and I would not pick up out of fear to how it would look to my boyfriend ( not picking up made it look worse). So when I would not pick up the phone for James, my boyfriend would ask me why was I not answering. I then told him that I did not know that number. ( so you see where the lies are starting to come).

So one day James calls again. This time I picked up. We talked. I told him to respect my relationship and not to call me at inappropriate hours. He apologizes and then asks me to leave my boyfriend for him. ( Ummm what)? Firstly, I don’t believe in breaking someone’s heart just because someone else broke yours. I then told him no and that if he cared about me the way he said he did, he would have never did what he did to land himself in prison. My boyfriend has been and still is too good for me ( even when I don’t deserve it) for me to do that. I value loyalty and love any day over history.

At this point I cut off all communication with him. I stopped texting him back. I blocked his calls. I blocked his social media. I just focused on me and my relationship with my boyfriend.  Before I cut James off, my boyfriend was feeling like I was distant ( I was) and felt like I was no longer interested in the relationship ( not true). So now that I cut James off, I was trying to repair my relationship with my boyfriend. It seemed like everything I was doing wasn’t working. It was now flip flopped. Now that I want to repair it, he didn’t.

I would be wanting to spend time together and he would want to go out and play ball all day. I would make him breakfast in bed with lingerie on and he wasn’t interested in me neither the food. I would try and have emotional conversations with him and it just seemed like his emotions were no longer there for me. It really got to the point of me breaking down. I just did not get it.

I had to take a personal leave from work one day. I was out for almost four months. Within these four months, I decided to spend most of my time with my family since it seemed like my boyfriend did not want me around. I went out of state to go visit them and stayed there for most of my four months out. The first week I got to my parent’s house, I received a text that read ” Can we see each other and talk”? I’m out of prison…………

As always I just want to say thank you all so much for your kind love and support. It means so much to me. I love each and evrey one of you. Part 2 will be coming soon…<3 STAY SELFISH.

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