About Sierra

Selfishly Sierra is a blogger. She has guest blogged for digital romance .Using her degree in psychology and her past experiences with relationships whether it’s from her friends and family, she enjoys counseling, interacting, and entertaining others. She was born in Georgia and now resides in South Carolina. She is the middle child of two siblings. Around the time Sierra was 12 her parents decided to move to Florida. She made new friends there and then got the news that she was moving to North Carolina. She never had a chance to have a real friendship with anyone. This made her very closed. So she used writing as her way to deal with those feelings. She later on relocated back to Georgia. She also deals with issues in her everyday life and enjoys entertaining her viewers and readers. She is very much known for her charisma and incredible whit when it comes to expressing how she feels. She has the ability to make her audience feel as if they are there with her with her down to earth personality. She has a gift of connecting with people. Her blog focuses on the day to day aspects of having self love and also on being a friend and lover to the people around her.