May 28th –    Whatzzzzzupp my lovely people!!?!! I just love my viewers. I’m always connecting with you and just enjoy holding conversations with you guys. so….Do you like selfies? (raises hand) who doesn’t right? Well as a big Thank you to my viewers every Friday I will be picking a very special viewer to be featured in the blog. All you have to do is this:


A viewer will be chosen off of the best response. So Good luck! I love you guys



May 28th-  I have a new segment I will be implementing into my blog “Coffee Table Talk”. The first one will be posted next Tuesday. Stay tuned and follow my blog to stay current with all my posts and podcasts that’s coming soon.


May 27th-  Right now I’m on break. Part of self care and self love is knowing when to take a break. I’m taking my own advice. I will be back on July 1st. But in between that time, I will still be posting story times on Fridays.  I love each and every one of you that support and view my blog. Thank you